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These are some of the Martial Arts Most Used in MMA Events

As the name implies, Mix Martial Art (MMA), does rely on martial techniques from various schools, but there are some types of martial arts that are often used as a benchmark for fighters in the ring. Watching endless gular fights is sometimes boring, but MMA provides its entertainment because the martial arts backgrounds used are quite diverse. MMA, which is equivalent to an All-Star team, is a combination of the most elite martial arts disciplines that have existed for a long time coupled with human nature's natural survival instincts. The fighters may even appear to be intertwined and influenced by each other in some technical aspects but individually seem to highlight their particular specialties. Additionally, if you are also a fan of Cheick Kongo, we recommend you check out Cheick Kongo on BJJ Fanatics.


This MMA sport evolved over the years by borrowing many fighting styles, so it is often considered a freestyle fight, where a fighter can develop his creative instincts when defeating opponents without being bound by certain rules.


So, what are the most used martial arts in the UFC?


Muay Thai

This Thai martial art began to develop in the 18th century when a Thai fighter named Nai Khanomton was captured by Burmese (Myanmar) troops. At that time he defeated ten Burmese troops in a row, and later his fighting style became known as Muay Thai.



To become an MMA athlete, you must first learn how to box, because boxing is a fundamental aspect of this sport.

Each fight begins with a traditional boxing armor which of course is modified to suit the needs of MMA. MMA shields are longer and looser than the taller and stiffer


ones used in boxing.

While aspects of boxing, a powerful weapon used when attacking is volume centric pressure. Different boxing elements are often used to set the transition to other styles, especially when wrestling is omitted.


However, boxing serves as the perfect foundation of MMA. Boxing helps MMA fighters in fights and becomes a necessary skill to be known as a complete fighter.



Invented by Jigoro Kano in 1882 in Japan, Judo is considered one of the most underrated martial arts in MMA. The Olympic sport is often overlooked against heavyweights like Muay Thai and Jui Jitsu, but the fact is that it plays an important role in attacking MMA events.

High-level Judokas are just as adept at finishing a fight using a plethora of surrender maneuvers. In addition to being a great way to do takedowns, Judo is also used as a means to keep from falling to the mat.